Eric Helms’ Epic Article on Natural Bodybuilding Potential

2014 November 9
by Alan Aragon

What follows is the opening article from the August 2014 issue of my research review (AARR). It’s written by my friend & fellow researcher Eric Helms, who approached me about making it available to the public because it addresses many of the controversies of this highly polarizing topic in fitness and bodybuilding circles. The aim is to provide a rational, organized, scientific perspective – along with plenty of food for thought. I very rarely make AARR content public, and wanted to wait perhaps another month before releasing this article, but the time seems right to do it right fricking now, so here it is. Feel free to pass this on, I’d love to see Eric’s epically great work spread through social media like wildfire.

I was advised by some very wise people to make a blog post about this instead of merely sharing it on Facebook & Twitter, so here it is:

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