Get ready, Toronto!!!!!!!!

2014 March 6
by Alan Aragon

move toronto

WHO:  Who cares who I am, look at my clients! :)…. On a more serious note, here is my bio. I have been called “The Ron Burgundy of Nutrition,” and as a fan of Will Ferrell, I kinda like that designation.

WHAT:  By the grace & general awesomeness of the MOVE organization, I’ll be speaking for an entire day (9 to 5), dishing out all of the important information & techniques I’ve learned and applied successfully over the past 20 years in the personal training, nutritional counseling, and academic research facets of my career. Here’s the outline of what I’ll cover:  read more…

My Unexpected Journey into PubMed

2013 June 10
by Alan Aragon


This is Not a Tutorial

Just to be clear, this isn’t a tutorial on how to get published in the annals of the Ivory Tower. This is my personal case study, and you should know that I never intended to make it into the peer-reviewed literature. No such goals or aspirations were on my career bucket list. I was happy to be able to read others’ work and report on it; this is just something I really enjoy. For me, writing & teaching was the natural progression after having been in the training & counseling trenches with live human clients full-time from 1992 to 2010. As fate would have it, I ended up being one of the folks that get cited by others who conduct and review scientific research. Let’s take a walk through the steps that led me to stumble into PubMed. read more…

2013 NSCA Personal Trainers Conference: Looking Back at my Debate with Dr. Jeff Volek

2013 March 13
by Alan Aragon

lecture schedule

Fun…..but Fricking NUTS!

My second consecutive year presenting at the NSCA Personal Trainers Conference was one of the most rewarding, and definitely the most hectic speaking experience I’ve ever had. The way it works is that speakers do their presentation twice throughout the weekend so the audience has a greater chance of not missing them. As fate would have it, I was the only speaker in the lineup doing two presentations: a Paleo diet dissection & a carbohydrate debate. This means that I presented four times — and all four presentations were scheduled on one day (Friday). If the NSCA had a surprise hazing for me in mind, they definitely succeeded.  read more…

On Leadership

2013 January 11
by Alan Aragon

The following interview is with Petter Fagerberg, a nutrition major at the University of Gothenberg, Sweden. I’m honored that he chose me as the subject of his assignment in a course on leadership. For those who are en route, or are already in a position of leadership, this is for you.  read more…

Bullshit Marketing Vs. Honest Marketing & The “Zero Launch”

2012 October 10
by Alan Aragon

Something’s wrong with this picture.

The pics on the left are straight off of the side banners on Facebook, leading to a website that promises to transform your physique into those of the Spartans in the movie 300 — in 4 weeks.  All you have to do is buy their supplements. It’s hilarious how the heads of Will Ferrell and Keanu Reeves were superimposed on random, enhanced bodybuilders to bait people into the site.  At the right is fitness marketer Mike Chang, photo-morphed into a mass-monster. read more…

The 2012 NSCA Personal Trainer’s Conference: Vegas, Baby!

2012 April 15
by Alan Aragon

This past weekend, I spoke at the annual NSCA Personal Trainer’s Conference. Not only did I have a blast of a good time, it was such sweet revenge. In contrast to several years ago when clinching a speaking spot at a national conference was a long shot requiring a ton of pavement pounding & red tape, I was now invited to speak at a conference held by the industry’s top organization.  Here’s a photo montage made possible by my dear wife, who wanted to capture every dirty detail of this trip. read more…

The Fitness Summit is quickly approaching!

2012 March 4
by Alan Aragon

Mark your calendars for May 18th-19th

The planets are aligning, the Fates are conspiring, and the ultimate time of reckoning is upon us. The 10th anniversary of the Fitness Summit is right around the corner, and registration is as easy as visiting this page. Whether you’re in the fitness business, or simply are passionate about fitness, you will get tons of practical knowledge from the Summit. read more…

Interviewed by Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University

2011 December 14
by Alan Aragon

It’s been more than a decade since I graduated from college, but the memories are vivid and most of them are good. I was recently contacted for an interview with Anoop Balachandran, coordinator of the Health & Fitness Center at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. This interview will appear in the Fitness Center’s newsletter. By the way, Anoop maintains one of the few blogs out there with useful, research-based information ( The questions I answered were a pleasant diversion from the ones I typically get from the more advanced/technically inclined audience. While the latter are also important, they only apply to the minority of the population. In the following exchange, more of a general college student audience is addressed. Without further ado…. read more…

Crazy Chops

2011 September 2
by Alan Aragon

The Price of Internet Fame

I’m not too modest to admit that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the amount of online celebrity I’ve experienced – however minor it may be in the large scheme. Thankfully, there haven’t been any significant attacks on my material or character. I haven’t had to shield myself or recover from vicious criticism, defamation, or career-damaging scandal. Why is this? I think the reason is simple: I do my best to avoid talking out of my rear-end & ignoring scientific research. When people dish out information that’s grounded in nothing but hype & imagination (which is common in the fitness industry), they make easy targets of themselves. read more…

Quick Announcement & Product Plugs

2011 May 5
by Alan Aragon

The Fitness Summit is about a week away (May 13-14th), and I’m one of the speakers. If it’s feasible for you to make it, there’s still a little bit of time left to take the plunge. Here is the info & registration page. Listen to Lou Schuler describe it in detail in Episode 204 of The Fitcastread more…