My New Website is LIVE!!!

2016 August 12
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by Alan Aragon

I’ll make this short & sweet. My new website has been up for about a week, but I want to do a formal post for those on my blog’s RSS feed who might not have gotten the memo otherwise. Dig through the pages (find the hidden LOL in the bottom navigation bar), sub to AARR if you’ve been thinking about it but needed a direct nudge from Big Brother, enjoy the articles, check out my speaking schedule, etc., here’s the site – BOOM:

The Bropocalypse is right around the corner!!!

2016 May 24
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by Alan Aragon

Bropocalypse 2016

When: June 11-13th (Day 3, the practical, is SOLD OUT).

Where: Aerial UTS Function Centre, Level 7, 235 Jones Street, Ultimo, NSW 2007 Australia (map here)

What: Me and my colleagues (actually my close friends) Bret Contreras, James Krieger, and Brad Schoenfeld will be dishing out the sciency goodness for the entire weekend straight, and then some. Here are the specifics (get your tickets here) :


Bropocalypse Day 1

DAY 1 in more detail:

Registration will commence at 8am.  With ample parking close by and easy access via bus or train, the Aerial Conference Centre will provide the perfect venue for the weekend’s events.  Attendees are encouraged to arrive early and soak up the panoramic views of Sydney city whilst enjoying a premium selection of tea’s and freshly brewed coffee.  Mingle with the other attendees and seat yourself at a table in the conference hall, fully stocked with pens, paper, fresh water and mints.


The first session will commence at 9am sharp with recently re-elected NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association, US.) Board of Directors member Brad Schoenfeld.   Over three hours Brad will delve into the Science and Practice of Maximizing Muscle Growth, drawing on his vast experience and expertise to deliver a comprehensive insight on the most cutting edge information and research.

A short 30 minute break at 10:30am will allow attendees to refresh and refuel.  More freshly brewed coffee and tea will be served along with a selection of delicious light snacks.

At the conclusion of Brad’s presentation, all ticket holders will be invited out onto the open plan terrace and bar area for a fully catered lunch, fresh fruit platters and a selection of juices and soft drinks.  Guests can sit in the lounge area, on the terrace or in the ample seating afforded in the bar area and enjoy their meal without needing to leave the venue.  With only one hour for lunch this inclusion will ensure attendees are back and seated in the main hall for the second session.


Commencing at 1:30pm, published research scientist and author, James Krieger, will deliver the first half of his two part presentation titled ‘Insulin: On Fairies and Fallacies’.  Insulin has often been viewed as a hormone that makes us fat and that is responsible for the obesity epidemic.  Many people believe it needs to be controlled through diet to achieve fat loss and optimal body composition.  This presentation looks closely at the research to see whether these beliefs are true, and whether insulin is really our “enemy” when it comes to the war on body fat.

A short 30 minute break from 3pm will see more coffee, tea and light snacks in prelude to James’ second session, titled ‘The Metabolism Myth’.  Often, people who easily gain weight are seen as having “slow metabolisms” and people who tend to resist weight gain, even in an obesogenic environment, as having “fast metabolisms.”  However, variation in non-exercise activity thermogenesis, or NEAT, is the more likely factor behind these variances.  This presentation delves into the vastly underappreciated importance of NEAT in weight regulation, as well as maintenance of weight after weight loss.

From 5:00pm both of the day’s speakers will host a Q&A session, interacting and answering questions from the audience, giving attendees the chance to drill down and seek more information regarding the presenter’s topics.


From 6pm all guests will be invited once more to the open plan terrace for a good ol’ fashioned ‘Aussie BBQ’, ensuing that Alan, James, Brad and Bret all get to partake in a quintessential Australian experience in the company of their Australian fans and followers.  Enjoy gourmet salads, premium beef burgers, lamb fillets, vegetable skewers and assorted breads and sauces.  An open bar will be provided for those who wish to purchase alcohol, soft drinks and bottled water will be served free of charge.  The evening will conclude at 8pm, a relatively early night in preparation for Day 2.



Bropocalypse Day 2

DAY 2 in more detail:

Freshly brewed coffee and tea will be available for attendees from 8:30am prior to the days first session, due to start at 9am sharp.


Sunday will start with a man who is considered by many, to be the world’s foremost expert on glute training. Currently in the process of finishing his PhD in Sports Science from AUT University, Bret Contreras holds a Master’s Degree from Arizona State University and is a certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength & Conditioning Association (US).

In his 3-hour presentation titled ‘The Art and Science of Strength Acquisition’, Bret will break down all of the primary factors that contribute toward making you stronger. From genetics, to anatomy, to physiology, to training and lifestyle factors, no stone will be left unturned. The presentation will include a synopsis of all of the common ways that are used to measure strength in research labs around the world. Popular training regimens used by the strongest athletes in various training camps will be analysed and explored. And both the mechanistic and longitudinal scientific published research will be presented in order to provide you with a comprehensive overview of training for maximum strength.

A short 30 minute break at 10:30am will allow attendees to refresh and refuel.  More freshly brewed coffee and tea will be served along with a selection of delicious light snacks.

At the conclusion of Bret’s presentation, in a similar fashion to Saturday, all ticket holders will be invited out onto the open plan terrace and bar area for a fully catered lunch, fresh fruit platters and a selection of juices and soft drinks.


At the conclusion of Lunch, from 1:30pm the stage will belong to Alan Aragon.  With over 20 years of success in the fitness field, Alan is one of the most influential figures in the modern movement towards evidence-based information.   Following on from his successful and extremely well received 2015 Australian Tour, Alan will be bringing a new presentation loaded with his trademark practical and applicable data based on the very latest research.  Broken down into six sections, the first three covering each of the major macronutrients and the latest research on daily requirements, timing and frequency with special attention to performance and aesthetic goals.

A short 30 minute break at 10:30am will allow attendees to refresh and refuel.  More freshly brewed coffee and tea will be served along with a selection of delicious light snacks.

Alan’s second three sections will delve into supplements and the latest research on applications for strength, size and performance as well as clinical measures of health.  He will then dissect different dietary approaches including vegetarianism, clean vs dirty eating, and discuss the science and controversies behind the “battle” of thermodynamics versus hormonal dynamics in the context of body composition.  Rounding out the final session of learning, Alan will deliver a comprehensive approach to the practical application of the science and research presented, covering both quantitative and qualitative methods to dietary programming.

The closing session of the day will be a Q&A session, again giving audience members the opportunity to clarify and discuss both presenters’ topics.

Evening – VIP only

As a special addition for our VIP ticket holders, Two Buff Girls in association with <sponsor> will host an exclusive cocktail party on Sunday night from 6pm.  A fine selection of hot and cold canapés and complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be served. VIP attendees are invited to stay back and enjoy a relaxed and entertaining evening.  A chance to network, socialise and discuss the weekends presentations.




Why:  This may be the last chance ANYONE will get to learn from & hang out with me, James, Bret, and Brad – all in the same venue – all weekend. I truly believe that these guys are the absolute-fricking-best in the industry, and it would be simply insane to miss this. Go here to register, see you all there!


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How to beat health & fitness quacks at their own game: A guide for science-based practitioners.

2016 March 26
by Alan Aragon

Guest Banger by Bryan Krahn

daffy duck

Editor’s note: The following article by my friend & colleague Bryan Krahn originally appeared in the March 2015 issue of my research review (AARR). I rarely air-out AARR pieces for public consumption. I’ve done it a total of 4 times since 2008. However, I feel that this article is of particular importance, especially in the current climate where slick pseudoscience and flat-out guru insanity seem to be at an all-time high. Ready or not, I reserve the right to use Bryan as a weapon of mass destruction in this dogfight. 🙂  read more…

Excited about lecturing in Australia

2015 February 18
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by Alan Aragon

Essential details of my Australian tour: read more…

Frequently Asked Questions about The Lean Muscle Diet

2015 January 6
by Alan Aragon

First, a word of thanks…

Before getting into this, I’d like to thank everyone who bought the The Lean Muscle Diet, which I co-wrote with Lou Schuler, a veteran author who’s best known for his New Rules of Lifting series. A special shout-out goes to everyone patiently enduring the wait for your copy to arrive in the mail. The feedback Lou and I have received has been unanimously and highly positive. This is especially cool, since it’s so easy to tear things apart from the comfort of your keyboard. The internet gives people the perfect outlet to be honest (and ruthless), so once again, thanks to all for the praise. Now, on to the questions that have been popping up most frequently. read more…

Eric Helms’ Epic Article on Natural Bodybuilding Potential

2014 November 9
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by Alan Aragon

What follows is the opening article from the August 2014 issue of my research review (AARR). It’s written by my friend & fellow researcher Eric Helms, who approached me about making it available to the public because it addresses many of the controversies of this highly polarizing topic in fitness and bodybuilding circles. The aim is to provide a rational, organized, scientific perspective – along with plenty of food for thought. I very rarely make AARR content public, and wanted to wait perhaps another month before releasing this article, but the time seems right to do it right fricking now, so here it is. Feel free to pass this on, I’d love to see Eric’s epically great work spread through social media like wildfire.

I was advised by some very wise people to make a blog post about this instead of merely sharing it on Facebook & Twitter, so here it is:

PS – I’m gonna keep comments closed because I currently don’t have time to field questions/comments (hectic times, man :)).




Get ready, Toronto!!!!!!!!

2014 March 6
by Alan Aragon

move toronto

WHO:  Who cares who I am, look at my clients! :)…. On a more serious note, here is my bio. I have been called “The Ron Burgundy of Nutrition,” and as a fan of Will Ferrell, I kinda like that designation.

WHAT:  By the grace & general awesomeness of the MOVE organization, I’ll be speaking for an entire day (9 to 5), dishing out all of the important information & techniques I’ve learned and applied successfully over the past 20 years in the personal training, nutritional counseling, and academic research facets of my career. Here’s the outline of what I’ll cover:  read more…

My Unexpected Journey into PubMed

2013 June 10
by Alan Aragon


This is Not a Tutorial

Just to be clear, this isn’t a tutorial on how to get published in the annals of the Ivory Tower. This is my personal case study, and you should know that I never intended to make it into the peer-reviewed literature. No such goals or aspirations were on my career bucket list. I was happy to be able to read others’ work and report on it; this is just something I really enjoy. For me, writing & teaching was the natural progression after having been in the training & counseling trenches with live human clients full-time from 1992 to 2010. As fate would have it, I ended up being one of the folks that get cited by others who conduct and review scientific research. Let’s take a walk through the steps that led me to stumble into PubMed. read more…

2013 NSCA Personal Trainers Conference: Looking Back at my Debate with Dr. Jeff Volek

2013 March 13
by Alan Aragon

lecture schedule

Fun…..but Fricking NUTS!

My second consecutive year presenting at the NSCA Personal Trainers Conference was one of the most rewarding, and definitely the most hectic speaking experience I’ve ever had. The way it works is that speakers do their presentation twice throughout the weekend so the audience has a greater chance of not missing them. As fate would have it, I was the only speaker in the lineup doing two presentations: a Paleo diet dissection & a carbohydrate debate. This means that I presented four times — and all four presentations were scheduled on one day (Friday). If the NSCA had a surprise hazing for me in mind, they definitely succeeded.  read more…

On Leadership

2013 January 11
by Alan Aragon

The following interview is with Petter Fagerberg, a nutrition major at the University of Gothenberg, Sweden. I’m honored that he chose me as the subject of his assignment in a course on leadership. For those who are en route, or are already in a position of leadership, this is for you.  read more…